Brazil’s Gift (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Brazil’s Gift  – Mini Album


Brazil’s Gift is a silent film from 1931, featuring a new soundtrack by Ava Zelafone. The film was created as a form of coffee propaganda that was shown to grocers and various social groups across the U.S. in order to drive up sales of coffee. Ava Zelafone’s electronic soundtrack for this whimsical little film is available to stream or purchase on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and other digital music sites.

Label: The Other Century ‎– 1005
Format: AAC, AIFF, MP3, MPEG-4 Video, WAV
Released: June 10, 2019


  1.     Main Theme    –  1:45
  2.     Brazilian           –  1:22
  3.     Deep Way         –  1:27
  4.      Foot Ball          –  0:19
  5.      Signatures      –  0:45
  6.      Admiral            –  0:47
  7.      Skating             –  1:23
  8.      Coffee Drink   –  0:52
  9.      Twinkles          –  1:00
  10.      Coffee in Bed  –  1:10
  11.      Speedo              –  0:49
  12.      Table Talk       –  1:13
  13.      Out You Go      –  0:54

Released: Jun 10, 2019
℗ 2019 The Other Century


Synthesizers and drum machines by Ava Zelafone and David Paul Sprouse.

All songs written by David Paul Sprouse and Ava Zelafone.
© 2019 Baba Toulouse Songs (BMI)

℗ 2019 The Other Century Records
UPC: 193662957642


Smile  – Single

Label: The Other Century ‎– 1004
Format: AAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV
Released: April 20, 2019


1.    Smile  –  4:17


Vocals, synthesizers, guitars, drum machines, percussion, and field recording by AVAZELAFONE.

Smile was written by David Paul Sprouse and Ava Zelafone.
© 2019 Baba Toulouse Songs (BMI)

℗ 2019 The Other Century Records
UPC:  194156198916
ISRC: QZES71929282

A New Year…A New Ukulele?

Kala Mahogany Soprano Ukulele


I received an unexpected present this past Christmas -a beautiful little mahogany ukulele. Being a soprano, it is a tiny thing.

After about a half an hour of fumbling about, I managed to coax a few plucky chords and clinky notes out of its impossibly small little body, which now rests safely on a mandolin hanger beside my favorite acoustic guitar, also constructed of mahogany.

Getting ahead of myself, the next day I set up a mic and improvised my first ukulele track on a song in the works.  It sounded great, at first, at second, but repeated listening led to my cutting the part down bit by bit.  Cut it here, shorten it there, and leave the more interesting chime-like parts chugging away in the mix.  But the more I tried to hear its rightness the more I heard its flaws.  The stuff of life!

Sometimes you can plunk any odd thing into a mix, and sometimes you can’t.  After cutting most all of the ukulele track, I’m left with a few bars in the bridge.  I’ve tried a funky and percussive 70’s keyboard part, a dark-sounding synth bass, a crazy industrial rhythmic churning from a Moog, and an electric bass guitar.  I even sampled the ukulele, but no sweet spot yet. 

Nevertheless, I still look forward to giving this baby ukulele its own special moment, maybe even its own song, once its ready.  Until then, aloha!